Current D-Life Groups

Alive And Healthy (AAH) - AAH is all women's group that focuses on sharing biblical principles found in GOD's word. These principals support sound spirit mind and body. This will include creative activities, as well as study, dialogue, life application and even physical activities.

D-Lights - D-Lights is an all women's hangouts whose strong point is their bond and sisterhood. This group is one of the original D-Life groups and has all of its earliest members still active. The D-Lights will meet together weekly to discuss the previous Sundays sermons, along with taking part in spontaneous activities, and fellowships.

D-Way Food Network - The D-Way Food Network is a married and engaged couples group for people who like adventure. This group will meet bi-weekly at different restaurants to fellowship and try different dishes. If you love to build relationships and consider yourself a "restaurantgoer"  this may be the group for you!

Faithfully Fit - Faithfully fit is an all women's group of believers that encourages a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. Faithfully Fit will share healthy meal ideas, participate in fun cardio activities, and be each others support system, on their fitness journey. This group exists to stay fit for health, families and to save souls.

Iron Sharpens Iron - Iron sharpens Iron is an all men's bibles study that mixes previous Sundays sermon discussions, with spontaneous bible studies, and men outings. This is a group lead by mature men of GOD who are full of wisdom. This group is highly recommended for young men in Christ.

James 1:21- James 1:21 is a women's bible study that will be reading and studying the Bible in order to know God, grow, and see God more in the lives of the group members. The goal is to grow in their understanding of God together, so that way they can be equipped to share God's word with others. 

SIC - A women's book study fellowship created  to foster an environment that nurtures a deeper relationship with Christ. Through the reading of biblically sound books and correlating scriptures, members of this group will be able to mature as believers and better spiritually equip themselves.

Mom 2 Mom - A group of single mothers encouraging each other to walk in faith and purpose. This group of single mothers will meet weekly to empower each other to pursue Jesus and seek to be used by Him. Mom 2 Mom group members will come together to do various activities that focus on love, prayer, encouragement, and purpose.

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