Current D-Life Groups

D-Way Food Network - Married and engaged couples group for people who like restaurant adventure.  This group typically meets bi-weekly at different restaurants to fellowship and try different types of food.  If you love to build relationships and consider yourself an adventurous “frequent diner”, this may be the group for you.

SIC - Women's fellowship whose aim is to foster an environment that nurtures a deeper relationship with Christ.  Developed with the college student in mind, this group is designed to ensure you keep GOD first while balancing your studies and all the distractions/temptations of life.

Mom 2 Mom - A group of mothers who encourage each other to walk in faith and purpose.  This group typically meets weekly to empower each other to pursue a stronger relationship with Jesus and others.  Mom 2 Mom group members come together for various activities that focus on love, prayer, encouragement, and purpose.

Identity and Destiny -  Designed to meet for at least 12 weeks and help members find their God-given Identity and Destiny.  The goal is to help participants discover how they are wired; learn to hear God's voice; trust that He is working in their lives; and learn to use their gifts; and ultimately bring glory to His name.

Stronger : D-Fitness - Men’s group centered around fitness and fellowship.  The group plans and participates in workouts and encourage one another to be stronger as it relates to health/fitness, and most importantly in their walk with Christ.  They engage in meal sharing, fitness tips, exercise routines, prayer and testimony sharing.  This group seeks to strengthen men physically and spiritually.

Iron Sharpens Iron - Men's fellowship that mixes sermon discussions with spontaneous activities, talks, and outings.  This group features mature men of GOD and is highly recommended for young men in Christ, as well.

Faithfully Fit - Women's group of believers who engage in a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.  They share healthy meal ideas, participate in fun cardio activities, and support each other on their fitness journey. This group’s focus is fitness, family and evangelism.

D-Lights - Women’s group whose strong point is their bond and sisterhood.  This is one of the original D-Life groups and has most of its earliest members still active.  The D-Lights typically meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss the previous Sunday's sermons.  They also enjoy spontaneous activities, and fellowships. [GROUP FULL]


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